Mental Health First Aid Training: Next Date: 16th & 17th April 2020

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The is proud to offer MHFA England training in conjunction with A Father’s Child Services CIC. In particular the range of professional services where we support people such in helping roles such as carers, Social Workers, Nurses or the Mental Health profession burnout or ‘fatigue’ can often lead to Depression. But Mental Health can manifest in your normal Day to Day life.

When we support young or vulnerable people for example the exposure to Vicarious (secondary) Trauma increases, teachers for example in the NASUWT 2019 The Big Question Survey reported that:
* 77% of Teachers reported having experienced increased levels of stress in the last 12 months
* 70% say that the job has adversely affected their Mental Health in the last 12 months
* 57% report that their job has adversely affected physical health in the last 12 months
* 85% suffered from a loss of sleep
* 23% Increased their use of Alcohol
* 14% Started using or Increased their use of Anti-Depressants
* With 3% using Self-Harm as a way to cope.

You can Look at the range of Mental Health Support needs Teachers report in the 2019 Survey (Page 13)
(*More Than 5,500 Teachers Input)

The Big Q 2019 Doc

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